David Gordon

David Gordon


There are few musicians who cross musical boundaries with as much relish as David Gordon. David has degrees in mathematics and logic, but retains enough sense of humour to perform and compose music. His piano has taken him from Ronnie Scott's in London to the Red Sea Jazz Festival and the Copenhagen Jazzhouse, with any number of smoky dives on the way. He has played at international jazz festivals with his own group, the David Gordon Trio, violinist Christian Garrick's quartet and a quartet with jazz singer Jacqui Dankworth, entitled 'Butterfly's Wing'.

His many recordings with his own trio have earned rave reviews and over 20 CDs featuring his compositions have established him as a unique talent on the British music scene. In 2009 he was awarded an Ability Media International Award for 'Semmerwater', a community musical play commissioned by the Swaledale Festival.

With a passion for the music of South America, David is a musician perfectly at ease whether he’s playing Samba rhythms at 606 Club, directing the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra or sat at his harpsichord in an Austrian concert hall.

'...has the wonderful ability to make piano notes glisten like jewelled drops of water'
John Etheridge, Musician


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